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A place to breathe.

And this is how our story begins with IONMAR company. Everything starts with the inspiration of two motivated people, their energy , and their restless imagination under the spell of their mysterious ideas for creativity. Definitely, our selective criteria are not random, due to the fact of non conformity, by selecting one business recreational activity. We are restless and loyal to our objectives so that we can execute your every special desire.

Do you possess an idea, a product? Do you love what you do and you want this love to be free to all around you? Our company takes the responsibility to promote, create and execute this exact cause for you.

Our dream is to make the effort to excel an industry with enormous potential in Greece and to invest in every bold idea. This dream is to create with proper technological know-how and the right people, a Hellenic cinematographic production company that can take the mile to another level.

If you have a special story to share, we can shed light in your story through media reportaz or through advertising campaign, because every story is unique.

We comprehend your story, give real form to it by using all media outlets on hold, with specialized knowledge and technology needed.

Do you want to share your joy, your idea , your newly creative project, your thoughts or your baby intellectual acquisition? Together with our partners we carry out the project management and execution with regards to the details from the beginning until the end.

yiannis kourounarchis

Yiannis Kourounarchis

Chief Project Manager of IONMAR specialized in strategic planning and commercial affairs, producer.

maria salteri

Maria Salteri

Marketing Management Executive of IONMAR specialized in disruptive innovative ideas implementation, digital media, real estator.

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